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Gjey Mavazi for Suits

Gjey is our young designer/tailor and a true auto-didactic talent.  He grew up in the streets of Kibera Bombolulu village with his late father who introduced him in the field of tailoring. In 2006 he ventured into tailoring business himself and started at a veranda by just repairing torn clothes. But getting customers was hectic for him since no one could risk working with him. After spending a whole month without clients and contemplating quitting the first clients started to come in.

After a couple of months he started getting jobs and the love for the job grew day by day. Gjey shifted from repairing torn clothes into designing African Apparel and the birth of GJey Mavazi Apparal came about. In 2015 Gjey joined WAKUU and kept on growing. His African designs and suits have currently been shipped around the globe.

He has a professional work-attitude, is on point and has the ambition to become a leading fashion designer in Kenya. He has moved to a bigger workshop and has currently several employees.

Kibera IHD Sustainable Projects – Christ the King for Bow-ties and accesoirees

IHD Sustainable Projects Christ the King is a tailoring school inside of  Christ the King Catholic Church in Kibera and has the main objective of teaching young women from Kibera on the subject of how to manage an industrial tailoring machine. The department is committed in uplifting the status quo of the groups affiliated to them through economic empowerment and human formation. It teaches industrial machine operation with an aim of making entrepreneurs. A major focus of the department is to empower the groups through promoting their handicrafts, teaching techniques in workshops and marketing.

This employment project has huge potential for WAKUU to scale up production. Gjey, and hopefully others in the near future, are training the ladies in making high-quality apparel. We aim to triple the income of the ladies in the next year. Later we hope to employ the ladies directly. This way, the IHD Sustainable Projects can employ and train new ladies in their church. For now, we’d like to invest in mutually beneficial hardware, such as a generator, to improve the employment project.

Kiboko Leisurre Wear for T-Shirts

Kiboko Leisure Wear was established 1996. Currently they have about 80 employees, but still focused on efficiency. 10% of the team are working in the management ( mainly women ) Their employees are a good mix of professionals and juniors, who were all in-house trained and highly qualified.

They are the ONLY serious garment manufacturing company in Kenya, who successfully run through the WFTO assessment of the 10 World Fair Trade Organization Principals.

The heart of the company is Sabine Hüster the founder and GM of Kiboko Leisure Wear. After being nearly 25 years in Kenya, she can combine perfectly her German quality orientation with the local Kenyan flair and lifestyle.

In every product description it is clearly stated which partner made our apparel.